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What To Wear To Your Rehearsal Dinner

While you may not be as involved in all of the planning, your rehearsal dinner is another opportunity for you to show off a bit of you and your groom’s personality. From the venue to the food, you’re given a bit more freedom to get creative. This even extends to the clothing. [More]

Don't Let It Rain On Your Parade: Preparing For Weather On Your Wedding Day

Leading up to your outdoor wedding, the biggest thing on your mind, outside of where to sit your unruly cousins, is undoubtedly the weather. Unpredictable and uncontrollable, Mother Nature often has a mind of her own. The comforting thing to remember is: there’s nothing you can do to affect the weather. What you and your groom can do is prepare for any scenario, so that the weather doesn’t disrupt your beautiful day. [More]