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Microwedding: What to Know About Having a Microwedding

A wedding is a special time for a couple to celebrate their love and future together. And, as the wedding industry continues to boom, most lovebirds feel incredible pressure to plan a big, elaborate event for a guest list that can soar into the hundreds. In order to protect their wallets (and their sanity), more couples are considering alternatives to large weddings. While most of us are familiar with elopements, a new wave of couples are opting for what are being referred to as “microweddings”. Somewhere in between a traditional wedding and an elopement, microweddings offer a more intimate setting for celebrating this special day. 


What is a microwedding?

As you might have guessed from the name, microweddings are simply weddings that are small in size. The typical microwedding will have anywhere between five and 20 guests, though some can range up to 50 guests. When creating the guest lists, couples aiming for a microwedding tend to invite only immediate family and very close friends. Unlike an elopement, microweddings still enable a couple to celebrate their marriage among those they love, but without the stress and price tag of a traditional wedding.  


What to Know about Having a Microwedding

If you are considering a microwedding for your upcoming nuptials, there are a few things to keep in mind.  


Microweddings are short. While a traditional wedding can turn into an all-day affair, microweddings are usually no longer than 2-3 hours. After a brief ceremony, guests are treated to drinks and small bites, followed by the opportunity to mingle and dance if there’s music. Use this time to have your photographer capture a few shots of your close loved ones to mark this exciting moment. 


Your guest list will be short…very short. The most important thing for what to know about having a microwedding is that you’ll need to be incredibly selective with your guest list. This may sound easy at first, but it can prove to be a bit more difficult when it comes time to actually cull down the numbers. Anyone outside of your immediate family and very close friends should not make the cut.


There will be ample time to connect with your guests. Ask anyone who has had a big wedding if they were able to spend time with each of their guests, and you will likely be met with a laugh. With a microwedding, you’ll have the opposite experience. A smaller guest list means numerous opportunities to engage with everyone there. Your guests will appreciate the attention and interactions they get from you, leaving them feeling highly valued.


Microwedding Ideas

There are a number of ideas for you to consider as you plan your microwedding. Consider the following for an unforgettable celebration:


Add personalized touches. With a large guest list, there is often little room in the budget for special, personalized touches. At your microwedding, add thoughtful touches such as place cards featuring customized calligraphy, or a goodie bag with a sampling of treats and favors from your favorite shops. 


Book your favorite restaurant. To give your guests a peek into your love story, host your microwedding at the restaurant where you and your significant other had your first date, or simply any restaurant that holds a special place in your hearts. This type of intimate setting is not possible for bigger groups, so take advantage of this unique opportunity.  


Hold your celebration at an unexpected time of day. With a small guest list, you have much more flexibility in terms of when your microwedding can take place. Are the two of you early risers? Have your guests gather at your favorite spot to watch the sun rise, then treat them to a delicious spread of fruit, pastries, and of course, champagne.