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What Color Shirt to Wear With a Black Suit at a Wedding

The classic black suit is a menswear staple, and should be in every man’s closet. A versatile piece of formalwear, black suits are appropriate for a wide range of events from afterwork happy hours, to weddings, to evening galas. When it comes to pulling off the perfect black suit ensemble, it always comes down to the details. Your suit should be perfectly tailored to fit your body, you need to coordinate with just the right shoes, and your neckwear should be on point. While these details are significant for finishing off the look, no other component is as important as the shirt you choose to wear with your black suit. The well-fitting shirt in just the right color can make for a totally chic ensemble, while the wrong shirt color can leave those around you questioning your taste. Use the following tips to pick what color shirt to wear with a black suit at a wedding.


Black Suit with White Shirt


It’s no secret that wearing a black suit with a white shirt is a seriously sharp look, and one that you simply can’t go wrong with wearing to a wedding. When paired with a well-fitting black suit, a crisp white shirt provides the perfect contrast and pop of color that is dapper and incredibly elegant. It’s important to note that wearing a white shirt with your black tuxedo makes for a more formal look, so it isn’t an appropriate option for all weddings. For example, wearing a black tux with white shirt to a beach wedding may not be the best choice. Instead, choose this combination for more formal late afternoon and evening weddings, or weddings taking place in more dressy venues.


Black Suit with Blue Shirt


Pairing your black suit with a blue shirt is a classic combination, and one that is always a safe choice for casual to semi-formal weddings. A blue shirt is a less formal option than other colors out there, but still leaves you looking completely pulled together. When it comes to the shade of blue you choose, there is a wide range available to you. The lighter the hue of blue, the more casual you’ll look, while darker shades like navy will dress up your black suit.


Black Suit with Grey Shirt


The black suit with grey shirt is an often overlooked color combination, but is actually a very fashion-forward choice. Not as stark as the white shirt, a grey shirt offers a mellow and more subtle look that gives you the freedom to let your accessories shine. You might consider bringing in a textured or patterned bow tie for a pop of color, or a patterned pocket square for added personal flare. When it comes to the shade of grey you choose, a black suit will look great with everything from slates, to dove greys, to charcoals.


Black Suit with Pink Shirt


If you like the contrast of a lighter color against your black suit, but want something more unique than a simple white shirt, go for a pink shirt.  This combination reads youthful and modern, especially when done with just the right slim-fitting suit. Wearing a pink shirt with your black suit gives you a lot of freedom in terms of the tie you choose, as you can bring in other complementary colors like lilacs and even soft blues to the ensemble.


Black Suit with Black Shirt


Pulling off a black suit with a black shirt can be done, but it must be executed perfectly to avoid looking like you’re heading to a funeral instead of a wedding. When done correctly, this combination is actually quite stylish and can leave a lasting impression on those around you. To pull off the black on black look, you need to make sure your proportions are just right, so that there are clear distinctions between the various pieces of your outfit. Without the right proportions, you will end up with a not-so-flattering ensemble you won’t be happy to see in pictures. Another note when wearing a black suit and black shirt, you may want to forgo a tie. Typically, an all-black ensemble registers better without a tie, especially any tie with bright colors or patterns. If you do choose to wear a tie, stick to black.


Shopping Black Suits at Savvi Formalwear


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