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Wedding Inspiration: 6 of our Favorite Wedding Ideas


It’s your wedding day. And at Savvi Formalwear, we want to help you make it special. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or have another theme in mind, there are always little things that you can do to make your wedding special.

We’ve provided a list of some of our favorite ideas below, to help you make your wedding as fun and memorable as possible!

A Hot Chocolate Bar

This is a great new twist on an old classic. Instead of having an ice cream bar or classic dessert on a plate, mix things up with a hot chocolate bar. This is great for winter and late fall weddings. Not only is it a favorite for adults, but kids will LOVE this too.

A Practical Guide to a Wedding

Providing your guests with a small pamphlet with fun facts, stories, and things you may not have known about the bridge and the groom. This is a great way to keep your guests entertained during the wedding ceremony; it will also allow guests to get to know you and your new partner a little bit better.

Dancing Shoes

We love this idea. Leave a box with flip flops or slip-ons (you can mass order these for a very low cost) on the corner of the dance floor. Women will flock to these as soon as they see it and it will also let them know that it’s okay to be comfortable at our wedding. We guarantee that this will be a huge hit at the party.


A great new twist that lots of couples are adding is throwing sprinkles instead of the traditional rice. It makes the wedding more colorful and fun for the attendees and the wedding party as well. All that’s missing is a little ice cream!

Kid Desserts

At most weddings, towards the end of the night attendees will have their dessert and drink their wine but, what about the younger attendees? A classic favorite, milk and cookies, is a great option for the little ones because who doesn’t like a good cookie with milk? Another option is an ice cream sundae bar which is perfect for kids, but don’t be surprised to see the adults wander over.

To Have To Hold and To Keep Your Beer Cold

At most weddings, a giveaway will be available for guests with the date and the names of the newly weds. A beer koozie is a very cute, yet simple, giveaway.

We  hope that these suggestions will help to add a little bit of life, personality, and fun to your special day. After all, it is your day and you want it to be everything you ever imagined and more. If you’ve got any suggestions or ideas don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments!