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Tuxedos for Rustic Weddings

Summer days are starting to dwindle and fall weddings will soon be in full swing. What better way to celebrate the cooler days and evenings than a rustic wedding! Bridal Guide magazine lists rustic weddings as one of the top “5 Hottest Wedding Trends.” And we couldn’t agree more. Barns, branches, nature, a beautiful gown with a lace overlay – that’s the easy part. Inspiration for décor is just a Pinterest board away. The hard part? What will your groom and his men wear to look their very best and fit in with your theme?

Timeless Styles

You can’t go wrong with something timeless and classic. A great fitting black tuxedo with a black bow tie, black or white/ivory vest or cummerbund will never go out of style, much like nature itself. A classic look like this will absolutely ensure that your groom is the best looking guy at your wedding. It’s a style any body-type looks fantastic in and inspires confidence in the wearer.

Tan or Brown Styles

Tan or brown suits or tuxedos are another great option for a rustic wedding. The colors will blend in seamlessly with the décor and the neutral colors will go with nearly any color bridesmaid gown. This option works great as a three-piece look, like the Tan Allure by Allure Men, or with neutral or tonal accessories.

Grey Styles

A neutral color that is gaining in popularity for all weddings is grey. A light, heather grey, is perfect for those spring-time rustic events, while a darker, steel grey, is an amazing option for the fall. This can easily be done as a wedding suit or a tuxedo. The Allure Men styles pictured can be worn as a three-piece look or can be paired with colors to coordinate with the wedding. The versatile three-piece look give you the option to take some pictures with just the vest, but still, give you the formal look you’ll want for the ceremony and additional photos.

Sans Coat

This trend seemed to peak late last summer. It’s certainly cute for a few pictures, but you shouldn’t risk letting your wedding guests dress better than your wedding party. While adorable and pinteresty right now, in the future, you may come to regret not having coats at all. Trendy is good, too much trendy is not.

 With these tuxedo style tips your groom and groomsmen will have the perfect look for your rustic wedding!