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Tips for Planning Your Wedding Photography

The moments you capture in your wedding photos should be cherished and remembered forever. After all, these are photos you will want to shared with your children and their children to pass down your family history. Plus, how many times in your life do you get to dress up to the extreme measure of “dapperness”? You’ll for sure want to remember this day. Here are a few helpful tips to consider before you select a photographer.

Helpful Tips to Remember: 
  • Before you confirm with a photographer, ask to see a sample album of an entire wedding they shot — reviewing only the best few shots from several weddings will not give you an accurate idea about the photographer’s skill level.
  • Ask about any specials or promotions you photography can offer. Here’s a great area to save on the overall wedding budget. For example, Modern Wedding Solutions offers amazing deals on both photography and videography packages. 
  • Request to meet your photographer in person before the wedding so you can actually know who you will be working with and have a chance to vibe with one another before the big day. 
  • Before the wedding day, scout locations with your photographer and select the best setting to fit your wedding vision and theme.
  • Make sure your photographer will have backup equipment just in case there are any technical difficulties. You would hate for your photographer to miss important moments because of a simple wire short.
  • Decide if you will take pre-ceremony pictures to save time before the reception. If you are certain you don’t want to see your future spouse right before the ceremony, have your photographer take only the photos that don’t include you and your groom. 
For more information on arranging photography and videography packages, contact Modern Wedding Solutions and schedule a demonstration today. Here’s an opportunity to take amazing wedding photos!