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The Perfect Wedding Venue for Each Season

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make during the wedding planning process. And a lot of factors play into what venue you’ll choose – price availability, venue capacity, venue restrictions and more.

What you don’t want to worry about is having your wedding venue let you down over something unpredictable like the weather. Unfortunate weather on your wedding day is every bride’s fear, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your big day!

Here are some wedding venue ideas to consider based on each season:

Winter Wedding

Hotel/One-Stop venue

Opt for a one-stop venue, like a hotel or catering hall, that eliminates your guests having to travel from one venue to the next when road conditions from snow and ice might be an issue. An indoor wedding venue in the winter is the perfect excuse for you and your guests to stay warm and not have to worry about the outside temperature.\

Fall Wedding

Rustic Lodge venue

Embrace fall’s festive ambiance with a venue, such as a rustic lodge, that reflects the changing leaves and crisp weather. Not only will the natural outdoor setting provide a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos, but your guests will also enjoy the luxury of experiencing the outdoors without having to sit outside for long periods of time.

Summer Wedding

Country Club venue

Country clubs embody the classic, elegant wedding style that is truly timeless. Take advantage of summer’s warm evenings when planning your country club wedding by having an outdoor reception – dance the night away under the stars to create an unforgettable night!

Spring Wedding

Garden venue

Spring is the epitome of blooming flowers and lush gardens, so having your wedding venue in a botanical garden or arboretum makes total sense. There are many ways you can style a garden wedding – from rustic to glam – so maximize your wedding vision with this type of venue!

Savvi Tip: Have a backup plan! If you are set on an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a tent rented and placed on standby. Also, have blankets, ponchos, umbrellas, etc., on hand for guests to ensure an enjoyable experience. Don’t let a little weather ruin your big day!

Despite the venue or season, you know you’ll be in a white dress for your big day. But need some ideas for your groom? Visit Savvi Formalwear and choose from our wide selection of men’s formal suits and tuxedos that are perfect for any season!