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Summer Wedding Suits: The Classic Linen And Beyond!

As the hottest season swiftly approaches, you’ll want to prepare a wardrobe conducive to summer temperature and style. Seasonal wardrobe transitioning is pretty simple with regards to casual wear; just break out your t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. When it comes to summer male formalwear, however, things become a little bit trickier. Men’s formal attire typically does not permit bare arms or legs, so you’ll need to figure out a way to dress according to the formality of the occasion without suffering major heat exhaustion. If you’re planning to attend or participate in a wedding this summer you should familiarize yourself with the best suit colors, styles, and materials to wear to protect you from the heat and keep you looking stylish. If you’re wondering what to wear to an upcoming summer wedding, check out the tips below to have you looking and feeling cool in spite of the heat.

Choose the right colors

Black is usually the go-to suit color for formal events. During summertime, however, black and other darkly colored suits are a huge no-no. Not only is black a depressing contrast to the vibrant summer aesthetic, it absorbs the sun’s rays. If the summer wedding that you’re attending is indoors you might get away unscathed wearing a black suit, but if it’s outdoors do yourself a favor and choose a lighter color. Beyond the practical element of choosing a lighter colored suit for a summer wedding, it’s also a great choice fashion wise. You wouldn’t rock a yellow tank top during the winter because it would look out of place considering the season; consider wearing black suits in the summer an equivalent to this example. Ideal suit colors to wear for a summer wedding include cream, tan, grey, and baby blue. Printed patterns are also an appropriate option for summer suit wear. Floral prints are increasing in popularity and embody the essence of summer.

Be mindful of the fabric

Fabric is the most important element to consider when picking out a summer suit. During the summer, weight, texture, and breathability are of primary concern when choosing what to wear. The best fabrics to choose are those that are light and airy but do not compromise the appearance of your suit. For that reason, heavy materials like tweed, wool, and cashmere are out. The most classic summer suit material is linen. Linen is a popular summer fabric due to its light weight and stylish natural texture. As linen is made from the woven fibers of the flax plant, it has visible pattern that makes the material stand out. The only problem with linen is that it is notorious for easy wrinkling. If you are sold on the practicality and style of linen for your summer wedding event, consider a linen blend that also contains cotton. A linen blend will allow you to maintain the linen look without all of the wrinkles.

Seersucker is another congenial summer fabric choice. Originating in southern culture, seersucker has a unique charm that is gaining traction in modern male attire. This fabric is characterized by its signature striped pattern with a crinkled and puckering texture. The best thing about seersucker for the summer is that it often comes in vivacious and pastel colors. As the stripes alternate between the vibrant color and white, it allows you to make a statement without going overboard with color. Seersucker certainly isn’t appropriate for formal business environments, but it presents an ideal option for a summer event that falls between the casual and formal realms.

Another suit material perfect for summer wear is chambray, also known as cambric. Chambray has gained notable popularity in both casual and formal wear in the last few years. Chambray is a lightweight fabric made of cotton with a glossy finish; it’s like denim’s upscale cousin. The benefit of chambray is that unlike other summer fabrics, it is durable and sturdy. Chambray pairs well with brightly colored and floral print ties.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Though the suit itself is the most important part of your summer wedding attire, accessories are what tie the look together. To complement your suit, opt for pops of color with your pocket squares, ties, socks, and even cufflinks to keep with the summer theme. If your suit is a simple cotton or chambray, feel free to tap into your creative edge with louder accessories, such as a floral tie. If you choose seersucker or another type of vibrant suit, you’ll want to take a less is more approach to accessorizing. For a refined look with a bright suit, keep your accessories simple.

Don’t let the summer heat discourage you from looking your best at your loved ones’ summer weddings. Take the changes of the seasons as an opportunity to expand your wardrobe by implementing new colors and fabrics.