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Striking Tuxedos For Your Wedding Color Palette

The groom’s suit is one of the leading pieces that sets the tone for the entire color palette of the wedding – no pressure. Because the tuxedo showcases the wedding couple’s style, elegance and personality, it’s important to vet tuxedos and the complementary colors very carefully. Take it from us, though; it is much easier said than done. With the hopes of simplifying this decision for you, our style experts have pulled together a list of our absolute favorite wedding color palettes based on the featured tuxedo color.  Whether you envision the tuxedo you wear on your big day being navy, black, gray, or even beige, you and your partner-to-be can pull together a striking set of colors for your special moment.

Here are our favorite sets.

The Navy Tuxedo

Choosing a navy tuxedo is a very powerful and striking option for a wedding tuxedo color. A man in a blue tuxedo exudes confidence and strength while still maintaining the formality offered by the black tuxedo.

Our favorite wedding palette colors to compliment a navy tuxedo are light blue with peach and blush pink tones. Pairing cool blue and navy tones with warm colors like cream and blush create high-impact, vibrant combinations that will impress friends and family.

Another benefit of the navy tux is the ability to pair either brown or black shoes with it.  In the past, navy and black was a well-known fashion no-no, however, in recent years this rule of thumb has been debunked.  As long as your accessory color choices match up, then everything should flow according to plan.

We love this color palette for outside weddings in the spring and summer. These colors are perfect for beach weddings, boat weddings, or weddings that take place in open locations like parks or plains.

The Classic Black Tuxedo

For the classy couple, the black tuxedo deserves a classic combination.  Timeless and a standard go-to for most weddings, the black tux is the perfect base to match your accent colored accessories to.

The James Bond black tux look is our favorite for fall and winter weddings; however, adding a touch of pizazz is definitely not frowned upon.  You really can’t go wrong with whatever accent color you choose, though lighter hues are proven to be more desirable.  Pinks, light blues, yellows, reds all work fantastically on this fan favorite tuxedo.

Our only suggestion is that you steer clear of darker accent colors.  Forest greens, navy blues and violets would clash rather hard with a black tuxedo.  If you want a dark accent, just stick to a black bowtie.  This also allows your bride to be to choose from a much wider palette range than with any other tuxedo.

The Charcoal Gray Tuxedo

Probably even more versatile than black and navy is the grey tuxedo. Grey tuxedos complement almost any color combination from yellow tones to blue to purple. Our favorite color palette to rock with a dark grey suit stay in the peach and blush tone realm. This color combination is perfect for a spring or summer wedding during the daytime or outside.

But the beautiful thing about the charcoal gray tuxedo is that you are not limited to spring and summer weddings.  Pairing with a darker palette like navy blue or even black gears you up perfectly for fall and winter weddings as well.  You just have to make sure that your shoe choice coincides correctly with your accent colors.  If you are shooting for a darker accent palette, then your footwear needs to be a darker brown or even black in order to keep everything balanced.

The Cream Tuxedo

Not nearly as common as the black, navy or gray tux, the cream tuxedo is strictly reserved for late spring and summer weddings, more times than not centered around the beach.  The cream tux has to be paired with light colors; peach, lavender, teal, and baby blue all work wonderfully in our opinion.

It is a perfect way to brighten up the scene from that of traditional wedding attire.  The warm colors fit flawlessly with the summer ambiance and keep the beach heat at a minimum.

All in all, there are several routes you can take for your tuxedo color palette.  While choosing, it is always recommended to keep in mind what time of the year you are planning on getting married, as well as the location.  Keep both of these factors aligned, follow our guidelines listed above, and you’re big day is destined to be as stylish as they come.