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How to Make Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Stress-Free

Since we’ve already talked about creative ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your bridal party, it’s time to consider the bridal party’s dresses for the big day. Whether your bridesmaid group is large or small, dress fittings need coordination and planning.

To ensure a smooth and fun bridesmaid dress fitting experience, follow these tips:

Break Larger Groups in Half

When it comes to your bridal party, the more the merrier! However, hosting a large group can get tricky at times. Think about splitting larger bridal groups in half for the bridesmaid dress fitting or even just bringing a subset of the bridesmaids to the consultation. Your bridesmaids want to support you on your big day and will want to wear your top dress choice!

Research Beforehand

Despite the size of your bridal party, researching before the bridesmaid fitting process is very necessary. When researching, be sure to keep in mind various bridesmaid dress vendors in the area, your party’s budgets and sizes, and have an idea of the dresses you want. Proper research will allow you and your party to have an organized game plan, and will eliminate unnecessary and avoidable problems.

Have an Idea in Mind

Starting the bridal fitting journey with an idea of your bridal party’s dresses will allow the process to move quickly. Some ladies have an idea in mind the moment they start the planning process, but if you don’t, not to worry — there are tons of blogs and magazines that are dedicated to bridesmaid styles and trends.

Call Ahead of Time

Many times, bridesmaids gown samples run from size 8 – 14 only. With that said, make sure you call the ahead of time to not only see if bridesmaid dress fittings are required, but also to see if the fitting location has the necessary sizes for your bridesmaids.

Establish a Budget Upfront

Talking about budgets and money isn’t the most enjoyable topic of discussion, but in this situation, it’s a part of the fitting process. Be sure to not only have a sense of your party member’s ideal budget, but to also be mindful of this when the dress fitting begins. Your bridal members are supporting you on your big day, so return the favor with making it easy for them to do so.

Be Open to Different Dress Shapes

Of course, it’s hard to shake the perfect dress vision out of your head, but it’s also important to recognize that dresses fit everyone differently. It’s basically impossible to find a dress that is “one size fits all,” so be aware of this when fitting your bridesmaids. Be open to different dress shapes in the same color — you want to feel comfortable on the wedding day, and so do your bridesmaids!

While you’re coordinating the bridesmaid fittings, get your groom on board for his groomsmen fittings at the same time. Groomsmen fittings require research and planning as well, and most  groomsmen appreciate the option of a “hands-on” look at the fabrics they’ll be wearing.

Savvi Formalwear’s specialists can walk your groom and his crew through the formalwear fitting process to ensure the party is dressed to impress for the big day!