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What are the Best Colors for a Fall Wedding?

When selecting the season to host a wedding, most couples opt for the popular seasons of spring and summer. However, there is a growing trend of fall weddings, with couples recognizing the many benefits to saying “I do” during this season. Not too hot and not too cold, more affordable wedding venue prices, and stunning foliage are just a few of the many reasons to have a fall wedding. Another great reason for a fall wedding, however, is that there are a number of beautiful wedding tuxedos fit for the season.

So just what are the right tuxedo colors for fall weddings? Fall wedding colors vary, but the most popular tuxedo colors for fall weddings include black, gray, brown, and tan. Below we’ll explore why these fall wedding colors are great choices for your big day.

Black Fall Wedding Tuxedos

You can never go wrong with a classic black wedding suit no matter the season. For this reason, a simple black tuxedo or suit is still one of the most popular tuxedo colors for fall weddings. There are a couple tips to keep in mind, however, when opting for black as your fall color tuxedo. First, remember that black can get hot in the sun. If you’re having a daytime wedding in a climate that is still pretty warm in the early fall months, make sure to select a black tuxedo made of a lighter fabric so you aren’t uncomfortable up at the altar. You might also consider an evening or indoor wedding, which will allow you to remain cool. Beautiful wedding tuxedos in black fit particularly well in the traditional setting of a fall church wedding, where tasteful, classic looks are appreciated. Additionally, fall weddings held in more formal venues often call for a black tuxedo.

Second, don’t be afraid to incorporate a pop of other fall wedding colors in some way to stay festive on this special day. Consider adding a boutonnière with rich fall colors, such as deep oranges and reds. You’ll still look sleek and suave in your fall color tuxedo, while also embracing what makes fall such a beautiful time of year.

Gray Fall Wedding Tuxedos

Of all the tuxedo colors for fall weddings options, gray is likely the most popular fall color tuxedo. Gray fall color tuxedos are perfect for fall weddings because they are incredibly versatile. Fall weather can be unpredictable, one day there’s a chill in the air and the next it’s back to being warm. Gray wedding tuxedos work well in any weather conditions, keeping you cool on warmer days and comfortable on cooler days depending on the fabric you select. Additionally, beautiful wedding tuxedos in gray work well with a wide range of popular fall-colored accessories. If you and your bride plan to incorporate fall wedding colors like reds, yellows, oranges, and browns, for example, a gray suit makes a great canvas.

Finally, gray wedding suits work well in a variety of wedding settings. Whether you’re planning for an outdoor fall wedding in the garden, or a formal indoor ballroom affair, a gray suit is a great fall color tuxedo option. When picking out your gray suit, opt for deeper charcoal grays. Darker grays tend to look more formal and expensive than lighter grays, which can be hit or miss.

Brown Fall Wedding Tuxedos

One of the more underrated tuxedo colors for fall weddings is brown. While many grooms might be intimidated by this strong color for a fall color tuxedo, it is actually a great choice among fall wedding colors as it embraces one of the most striking colors of the season. As a neutral color, brown is very versatile and pairs nicely with a range of accent colors from white to light blue. Also, brown wedding tuxedos fit well with any venue, whether indoor or outdoor, casual or formal.

If you want to make an unexpected statement and ensure you are the only one in the room with a fall color tuxedo like the one you’re wearing, take a chance on beautiful wedding tuxedos in brown. You’re sure to be commended on your sense of style on your big day.

Tan Fall Wedding Tuxedos

For outdoors and daytime weddings, a tan wedding tuxedo is a very popular fall wedding colors option. Tan tuxedos and suits are classy and formal without being stuffy, making them well-suited for more casual weddings. Additionally, tan wedding tuxes are light and comfortable in the sun, but still capable of keeping you warm if the temperature drops.

A fall color tuxedo in tan provides a subtle, neutral look against natural fall colors, allowing you to blend seamlessly into a surrounding full of beautiful fall foliage. When opting for a tan suit, make sure the fit is just right. Because of the light color, tuxedos that are too long or wide will be more obvious. Select a sleek, modern fit that hugs the body, giving you neat and clean lines for a truly unforgettable look in one of the most beautiful tuxedo colors for fall weddings .

Savvi for your Fall Formalwear

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