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Having a Fun Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a blast. You can even add a fun, new-age twist! Tying the knot in the summertime awards you with many possibilities to embark on the next phase of your life in style. Check out some of way to make your summertime wedding a truly unforgettable event.


While it can be hard to compete with the vibrant, warm tones of fall foliage, and the youthful feelings of rebirth and growth that accompany spring, summer offers warm weather, sun, and the ability to get creative. If you’re thinking of foregoing a more traditional wedding in a church, have your big day outdoors.

Whether you’re having your ceremony at a beach, by your favorite lake, in a garden, or even in a magical Shakespearean forest clearing, the location can give your wedding a fun, casual vibe that offers a lot of room for customizing your day to be exactly that, your day.


Don’t stop once you’ve picked out and matched the colors for your wedding. Give your special day a whole theme, especially if you’re thinking of saying, “I do” under the canopy of lush forest awnings, or to the sounds of ocean waves, or even among the vines at your favorite vineyard. 

If you’re having a beachside wedding, give your guests parasols to keep cool. Instead of a traditional cake, you can opt for more beach related treats like ice cream cones. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get married by the lake you spent all those summers. Instead of laying out a bunch of chairs, craft benches from wood and overturned canoes.


Summer weddings are all about embodying the joy and warmth of the season (besides actually getting married, of course). So why not let your style reflect these feelings! Bright colors and patterns can make your decor pop. But let’s be honest, this day is really about you and your partner.

Lavish white gowns, and crisp black or grey tuxedos are always proper, and will always be in style. And while they’re a solid choice, don’t be afraid to break with tradition a bit. After all, some of the best traditions were born out of change, and your wedding day is the perfect day to start some new ones.

So if you’re looking for more of a casual vibe, or you’re having your ceremony somewhere where traditional black tie attire seems a bit out of place, tuxes with patterns and a bit of color, like a chino or lighter blue, can freshen things up. And when it comes to the gown, you might find that wearing a shorter dress or incorporating lace patterns with different hues might help complete your theme.

 Ultimately, whether you want a large event, or an intimate ceremony with your closest friends and family, a summer wedding is the perfect time to get creative and create the memories to last a lifetime.