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Getting Your Groom Involved

So you’re not in to choosing the colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses or what type of flowers will look best on the top of the cake…   But, we know you have an opinion about a few things and one of them is definitely about what YOU want to wear!

*Take advantage of the Groom’s Free Try-On offered by Savvi Formalwear and spend some time choosing your tuxedo.  This is a big deal, if you’re not comfortable with how you look and feel on your wedding day, it will show!  Try different fits, fabrics, and colors until you have found the perfect look.  Try some designer names like Michael Kors and Ike Behaar and you never know when you might fall in love with a grey or tan tuxedo. (We’re not saying you shouldn’t take your partner’s opinion into consideration here, because let’s face it, no one wants to spend time in the dog house.)

Get involved with the reception planning 

Discuss song choices with the band or dj and set up the wine list and/or beer menu.  If you are enjoying the music and drinks, your guests will see it and they will want to join in on the fun.  Offer your suggestions for the dinner menu as well.

Help with the registry

Ask any guy out there who has helped with this, and most of them wouldn’t say they hated carrying around that barcode scanner “shooting” the items they needed to complete their registry.  Don’t be afraid to register for things like games, camping equipment, or even TV’s.  Your guests may enjoy purchasing unique gifts.

Arrange transportation for you and your guests

Surprise your partner with a unique car or limo to transport the two of you from your ceremony to reception.  This will give you a moment to yourselves to take it all in before you get ready to party with your guests.  If you’ve got a large group coming into town, arrange for a limo to pick them up at the airport.  Your guests will love it, and you look like the hero!

Honeymoon, Honeymoon, Honeymoon! 

Visit travel agencies to get recommendations on honeymoon locations.  Gather information on your favorites to present to your partner such as brochures, prices, etc…  Your help will be appreciated!

Offer any advice you can on family members and friends when it comes to seating charts.

You want your guests to enjoy who they are having dinner with.

Be patient and supportive

 If you aren’t taking on the full reigns of planning your wedding, chances are your partner is.  There will be some stressful and emotional moments along the way.  In the end, all that matters is your love and commitment to one another.  Remind each other of this, and enjoy every minute together you can!

And, hey, if tying a few bows on some wedding favors earns you some bonus points, well… it’s probably worth it!