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Don’t Let It Rain On Your Parade: Preparing For Weather On Your Wedding Day

Leading up to your outdoor wedding, the biggest thing on your mind, outside of where to sit your unruly cousins, is undoubtedly the weather. Unpredictable and uncontrollable, Mother Nature often has a mind of her own. The comforting thing to remember is: there’s nothing you can do to affect the weather. What you and your groom can do is prepare for any scenario, so that the weather doesn’t disrupt your beautiful day.

Here are a few quick tips from Savvi to help you prepare for the weather during your outdoor wedding:

Make Decisions & Stick With ‘Em

Choose to go with the original plan and add umbrellas or move indoors. You will need to alert guests to prepare for a rainy outdoor ceremony or provide alternative directions to the new location. Don’t feel guilty about your guests getting a little wet; it’s your special day! And at least they can all use the rain as an excuse if they end up shedding a tear or two.

Waterproof Your Look

You already have the waterproof mascara to prevent smudges on this emotional day but here are some other things to pick up to stay flawless despite the weather. Be sure to use a good makeup primer so foundation goes on smoothly and stays on your skin better. Also, make sure your makeup is waterproof or water-resistant and have an invisible powder to set the makeup and absorb moisture. Seal your look with a setting spray like Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray or Mist & Fix by Make Up For Ever. And don’t forget a humidity resistant hair spray!

Add Some Flair

As if you needed another reason to add some fun accessories to the wedding party! Once you learn about the potential rain start searching for cute, colorful umbrellas and wellies that work with your wedding colors. That way your wedding party is prepared and photoready, rain or shine. The options are endless with lovely rainproof parasols and clear bubble umbrellas, even light up ones! Not only will they keep you all dry but they also make amazing photo props.

Prepare For Some Unforgettable Photos

You may not be thrilled about the weather but your photographer will be. Overcast skies provide some of the best lighting, making colors super rich. Also, there are several cool effects that are specific for rain, like backlighting raindrops or reflection shots. The unpredictable weather encourages great candid shots and rainy day props add tons of romantic poses to try. The bad weather will create unique, memorable photos and truly lets you two shine.

Most of all embrace it! Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, so accept what you can’t change and make the most out of it. You’ll be surprised how incredible a rainy wedding can be.

If you’ve got any other tips, be sure to leave them in the comments!