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8 Apps To Help Plan Your Big Day

Today, phones are used for everything. They’re used to watch movies, to share vacation photos instantly with all your friends, and to find new restaurants to visit. It should come as no surprise that your phone can also be used to plan your wedding.

With apps that will plan each step leading up to your big day, – from sending out your save the dates and finding the best venue to creating a wedding day budget and coming up with the perfect theme – you can find solace in the fact that technology will do some of the stressful work for you.

So take a deep breath, and get to downloading.



When it comes to planning your big day, think of WeddingWire as a kind of one-stop shop for getting all of the important things done. From creating a checklist to using your location to scout out nearby wedding venues and vendors, this app kind of does it all. You can also chat with other couples across the country to discuss those hard-to-answer questions.

Price: Free


Appy Couple

It’s not at all uncommon in this day and age for engaged couples to create a website to keep their guests informed. But for couples who want all their wedding details in the palm of their guests’ hands, Appy Couple will do just the trick. This app gives future newlyweds the option to create an invite using a slew of their design templates. They can also keep up with RSVPS, and post their wedding schedule and addresses to different venues, so all the guests need to do is download the app to simply keep up with everything.

Price: The app is free, but the couple pays a one-time $35 fee to set up the app and a website



Between booking a venue, caterers, a DJ, and everything else you can possibly think of, it can be hard to keep up with all the money being spent. This is where Mint comes in. Think of it as your own pocket-sized bank. The app allows you to create a budget for the wedding as well as track your spending so you can ensure you’re shelling out the appropriate amount of money for each aspect of your wedding.

Price: Free


Creating a checklist for the months leading up to your wedding is a smart idea, but writing it all down on a piece of paper isn’t always the best plan. You could misplace the paper, or simply forget to look at it. But having your checklist on your phone? Definitely a good idea. With Evernote you can create your checklist, share it with your fiancé, and even record voice reminders. Need a way to keep up with all the vendors you encounter? Evernote also allows you to scan business cards. And after you’re done creating your own wedding checklist, don’t forget to get your man to make one as well. Groomsmen have important things they need to get done, too!

Price: Free


Yes, this one’s a little bit of a no-brainer, but some people really do underestimate how helpful Pinterest can be when planning a wedding. With so many different options for dresses, décor, and pretty much anything your heart desires, you can easily plan your entire wedding simply by hitting the repin button. See a dress you absolutely love? Repin it to you can reference it when dress shopping. See a color scheme that’s do die for? Repin it. Some DIY centerpieces that look adorable and will save you some money? Repin. Repin. Repin.

Price: Free


One aspect of wedding planning that can take up a lot of time? Searching for the perfect wedding invite and then sending them out to everyone. Well, Postable is here to save the day by allowing you to skip this whole step (kind of). With this app, you can import all of your contacts, pick out an invite design that suits your fancy, and then let Postable do all the mailing for you. The best part? Don’t expect any cheap looking cards; all of their designs are seriously adorable.

Price: Using their address book is free, but prices for the cards vary, with the price per card getting cheaper the more you order.

Zola Wedding Registry

Don’t even lie about it – you know you love picking out gifts for other people to get you. But sometimes the idea of visiting several different stores and spending hours scanning things seems a little daunting. Fortunately, with the Zola Wedding Registry app, you don’t even have to leave the couch to add gifts to your registry. Browse through thousands of brands to find the things you want, or you can ask guests to help with a honeymoon or new home fund, if you so choose. And if you’re out and about running errands and find something you want to add to your registry, you can simply scan it with your phone. Super easy, right?

Price: Free

Loverly Weddings

Use the Loverly app to keep up with all of your big day ideas. Scour their galleries in search of the perfect theme, color palette, and so much more. And to make your wedding planning even more organized, you can create bundles within your Loverly app. This way, you can keep track of your reception ideas, wedding theme ideas, dress ideas, and everything in between.

Price: Free


Feel free to toss that bulky wedding planner binder and replace it with something you normally carry around with you every day anyways: your phone. Being a bride during the age of technology has never been so easy.