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5 Wedding Cake Trends Too Sweet to Skip

Here comes one of the best parts of wedding planning – cake tasting and purchasing! Wedding cakes make a gorgeous centerpiece and are a great conversation starter. Not to mention, the perfect way to embody celebration at a wedding.

No matter your wedding theme or venue, have fun with your cake and bring in some personality. Check out these wedding cake ideas and trends that are too sweet to miss out on:

  1. “Bare Minimum” Cakes

The typical vision of a wedding cake is a cake adorned with layers, toppers, texture, etc. However, a big trend at the moment is to strip it down and go bare, meaning the actual cake will be exposed while the cake frosting is minimum. This is a unique way to make a statement with a minimal design. In this case, “less is more!”

  1. Foliage-Adorned Cakes

Organic greens and foliage are trending on multiple aspects of weddings – the décor, the bouquet, and now, the cake. Bring in greens and leaves on your cake to create a major focal point and tie together the surrounding floral arrangements.

  1. Metallic Cakes

Adding metallic accents on wedding cakes is another way to add some life to a typical wedding cake. You can add little hints of metallic or even dedicate your accent to a whole tier. Either way, metallic adornments are a fun way to mix it up!


  1. Personalized or Monogrammed Cakes

Monograms have always been a classic, luxurious addition to any home décor or stationary piece, so why not add it to your wedding cake? Adding a personalization to the cake is yet another way to honor you and your groom coming together as one and will bring a lavish feel to your cake.

  1. Uniquely Textured Cakes

Another wedding cake trend that’s growing this year is thinking outside the box – opt for a cake that takes a unique spin on a classic cake with a marbled outside. Marble is a trend that isn’t just growing in the home décor scene, but also in the wedding scene. Envision muted tones like greys and whites or a subtle color that will make a big splash.



Which wedding cake trend is your favorite? Comment below!