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4 Tips on How to Create Your Dream Wedding Registry

Congrats! You have the ring on your finger and get to marry the man of your dreams. Now what? A good next step in the right direction is to set up your wedding registry.

wedding registry is a list of gifts for an engaged couple provided by various websites or retail stores. Wedding registries are a great way to show your guests what you and your groom want and need. Most of the time, this helps take the pressure off guests by laying out the items you’ll use in the future.

Don’t know where to start? Follow these wedding registry tips to build your dream wedding registry:

Tip 1: Register Early

There’s no exact time when you should set up your wedding registry, but we recommend 12 months prior to the wedding. Your family and friends will already be thinking about gifts once you announce the engagement, so give them some guidelines as to what you want!

Tip 2: Utilize Multiple Registries

With in-store and online options, it’s hard to choose just one registry. Select a few registries with variation between online and in-store so it’s easier for your guests. Some guests are completely fine doing the process online while others might not think so!

Tip 3: Make it a Team Effort

Your groom will want a say in this, too! Talk about what you two not only want, but will need when you start a life together.

Tip 4: Have Price Variations

Of course, we all want top notch luxury items, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, keep in mind that your guests are all in different stages and situations. Have different price tiers within your registries, so your guests can give you what you want comfortably.

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