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What to Consider Before Booking Your Honeymoon

Sometimes the bride and groom are so wrapped up in the wedding day itself and all the details leading up to it, they forget to think about their honeymoon. The honeymoon is a time for the bride and groom to enjoy their time together as a newly married couple.

It’s never too early to start considering honeymoon ideas and the research and booking that comes along with them! Booking your honeymoon will depend on you and your fiancé’s preferences:

Do you want to honeymoon inside the U.S. or travel abroad?

Are you looking for a relaxing get-away or an adventurous trip?

Is an all-inclusive honeymoon something you’re interested in?


Before booking your tip, consider the following to create an unforgettable honeymoon vacation:

Be On the Same Page

Have you been dreaming of a tropical beach honeymoon but your husband-to-be is wanting to travel to Europe? Time to discuss what you both desire for the honeymoon and work out thedetails so you’re both on the same page. The honeymoon is a time to relax and enjoy life together as a married couple!

Plan in Advance

It’s easy to overlook the honeymoon with the million other wedding details floating around in your mind. Most couples typically book their honeymoon about six months prior to the wedding, which will allow you to secure most details. It doesn’t hurt to plan further ahead either, if you are wanting to stay at a resort during peak vacation or spring break season.

Do Your Research

The more you know, the easier the planning process will be. Start looking at destinations you’ve dreamed of visiting and all the activities you can do there, the restaurants and cuisine, and so on. Utilize the many resources that are online and in travel magazines.

Seek Professional Advice

There’s nothing wrong with enlisting a travel agency to help with the planning process of the honeymoon. They will be able to wrap up all details in one simple package. No stress, no hassle — more time to get started on your packing list!

Stay Realistic

Since honeymoons are a big endeavor, just like the wedding, it’s important to set realistic goals for the trip. If you are wanting to take a two-week long exotic vacation but can’t take that much time off work and the budgeting doesn’t allow, it might be time to reevaluate. Once there are realistic goals set in place, you and your partner will be able to build the perfect trip!


Get Excited

Your honeymoon will be the first taste of life as a married couple — an exciting time for both! Although the wedding and honeymoon planning can get stressful, don’t forget to think about the lifetime of happiness that’s coming your way.


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