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Honeymoon Ideas

If you’re stressing out over invitations, seat assignments, and venues, now’s a great time to take some time to plan out your honeymoon. The honeymoon marks the start of your new life, where you and your spouse begin your journey together. Savvi is here to help you pick the perfect honeymoon for you!

Honeymoon Ideas


If you’re looking for a tropical honeymoon, there may be no better place in the world than Bora Bora. Secluded, romantic, and absolutely picturesque, this honeymoon destination comes highly recommended. However, vacations in Bora Bora (and other popular destination like Fiji) can be expensive. It may be easier to find more affordable places in the Caribbean (We recommend St. Lucia) or Hawaii.


If you’re interested in romance but are also looking to do a bit more sightseeing, then a honeymoon trip to Europe could be in order. The obvious destination is, undoubtedly, Paris as you’ll have a hard time finding somewhere more romantic. But we also recommend exploring some less obvious countries such as Ireland (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian even took their honeymoon there.) or Croatia.


For those adventurous couples, we have a few recommendations. Few places in the world offer better adventure vacation packages than Costa Rica. With an exotic landscape, there are mountains to climb and rainforests to explore. Peru also offers an incredible opportunity to explore, especially the ruins of Machu Picchu. If that doesn’t feel like your speed, we also suggest an African safari. South Africa offers the best off-peak options for those looking to avoid the tourist rush.


If traveling abroad doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of amazing honeymoon destinations located across the country. Explore California wine country by visiting, Napa Valley. With wine tastings and beautiful vistas, there’s a lot to like about this honeymoon destination. If you’re looking to take your relaxation levels to the next level, head to Jackson Hole. Located in the heart of Wyoming, Jackson Hole offers a tranquility and peacefulness that is hard to find. For those looking to stay closer to the east coast, we recommend Charleston. Just off the beach, Charleston’s charm and romance is everywhere. Whether you’re strolling down Rainbow Row or you’re headed to their open-air market, this historic city is a great place to spend your honeymoon.


Be sure to let us know what your favorite destination locations are so we can add them to the list! And don’t forget to check out some of our other blog posts. Whether you’re looking for wedding inspiration, style advice, or help on how to plan a destination wedding, we’ve got the tips and advice you’re looking for! If you’ve got other questions about your wedding day (like what should the groom and his groomsmen wear), be sure to head over to our FAQs section