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Toddlers Suits For Boys

Whether your little one likes it or not, there comes a day when he must temporarily put aside his t-shirt and sneakers in exchange for a suit and dress shoes. Suits for boys are often necessary for many major life events including weddings, holiday recitals, funerals, and first communions. Despite his resistance to this formalwear, resistance which unfortunately is not guaranteed to go away as he ages, this guide will lay out the steps to securing the right suit for your toddler’s big boy outfit.


Suit Style Options

Though you will have some choice in the style of suit for your toddler, the options will be less overwhelming than those available for men. Oftentimes men’s suits will vary in lapel style, cut, and more. Boy’ suits, on the other hand, will typically differ simply in the jacket: single-breasted vs. double-breasted.

Single-breasted and double-breasted are terms to describe the jacket design, with single-breast being one that has a single column of buttons down the middle of the jacket. Double-breasted jackets instead have two columns of buttons down the center of the jacket, and also overlaps itself. While the idea of getting your boy to sit still while you secure two rows of buttons may seem daunting, keep in mind that though double-breasted jackets have two columns of buttons, the closure usually only includes a single column.  Men concerned with having a slimmed look will typically opt for a single-breasted jacket. Similarly, many parents will choose a single-breasted jacket for their boy to avoid an overly bulky look.

Fabric, Colors, and Patterns, Oh My!

The time of year, venue and occasion will typically determine the fabric, color, and pattern of the suit you choose.


While wool or a wool blend is most popular among men, moms and dads will often go for polyester for their toddlers due to the fact that they tend to put more stress on their suit (boys will be boys, as they say). Polyester is much more resistant, and will be able to stand up to spills and stains better than other materials. Further, it takes a lot more for polyester to give in to wrinkles, making it a breeze to care for. In the warmer months, you may choose a cotton or linen suit to ensure your toddler stays cool and comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a fussy little one in a formal setting.


You can find a suit for your boy in pretty much any color. As mentioned, color is often chosen based on the season, level of formality, and time of day of the event. For more formal settings, you may want to choose a neutral tone such as a tan, black, gray, or navy. However, because of your son’s young age, don’t be afraid to go with an eye-catching bright and bold color. His pint-sized stature will ensure that this choice isn’t distracting. What better way to get him excited about dressing up than letting him wear his favorite color?


There are a number of suit pattern options when it comes to toddler’s suits for boys, just as there are for men. You may consider one of the more popular patterns, such as hounds tooth, pinstripe, tweed, or herringbone. While many grown men are concerned with their patterned suits being too busy or distracting depending on their frame, this should not be a concern of yours when it comes to your toddler. Much like with color, boys have the advantage of small size and youth, allowing them to take more risks when it comes to fashion.

Boy’s Suit Sizing

Just like with men’s suits, you’ll likely need to get out the tape measurer to ensure the best fit for toddler size suits. The suit will likely require a few adjustments made by a tailor to really get the most flattering overall look for your little one. While you may occasionally encounter toddler sized suits categorized with S (small), M (medium), L (large), and XL (extra large) sizing, it is most likely that they will be tagged numerically. Keep in mind that your little one is growing fast, so if you’re ordering a suit for an event months away, it may be a good idea to order a larger size that he’ll be able to grow into.