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Where can I rent a Tuxedo?

When it comes to shopping for formalwear for the big events in your life, there is a lot to consider. Which style of tuxedo is most flattering for your figure, what color tuxedo is appropriate for the season, and of course, the amount you are comfortable spending. One of the biggest questions you’ll have to answer is whether to purchase or rent a tuxedo. Because most people don’t wear tuxedos very often, most opt to rent a tux when needed. But just where can you rent a tuxedo, and what should you consider when renting a tux? Use the following tips for renting a tuxedo and guide on where to rent this signature formalwear ensemble.


Tips for Renting a Tuxedo


Browse styles. The first step in the rental process is identifying the type of tuxedo you want. Figuring out the color, fabric, and fit is essential, and will likely impact the retailer you choose. Figure out the right style that will flatter your body type, and make sure the color and fabric you choose is appropriate for your event.


Pay attention to the timeline. The worst thing that can happen if you plan to rent a tuxedo is to wait until the last minute. Waiting too late to reserve leaves the risk for the vendor you select running out the size and style you want for your event. Therefore, it’s important to reserve your tux as far in advance as possible, ideally as soon as you know the date of your event.


Choose your budget. While tuxedos available at a wide range of price points, it’s important to determine the right budget you are comfortable spending. Because you’re renting your tux, you’ll have access to higher quality options you may not have had the budget to purchase. Be mindful that the price of your rental will be impacted for the duration of your rental period.


Shop around. Because committing to a tuxedo rental at a shop or online provider, be sure to shop around and compare prices. In addition to asking for a price quote, ask each shop about whether or not you’ll have to pay a deposit, when the tuxedo will need to be returned, and possible additional charge in the case of damage. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for places that are running specials or sales that can save you a few extra bucks.


Where to Rent a Tuxedo

When renting a tuxedo, you have two primary options: renting from a formalwear store or renting a tuxedo online. Renting a tuxedo from a local formalwear shop is the ideal option, as it gives you the opportunity to meet with a fit expert and to try on different suits to find the one that looks the best. Meeting with a fit expert is an important step in the process, as this person will know exactly what to look for to ensure you look completely polished, sleek, and elegant. When visiting a formalwear shop, you can bring with a picture of the tuxedo style you like to show to the sales associates. An added bonus, whoever you work with at the store may have recommendations you might not have considered that end up looking great.


If your local formalwear options are limited, there are a number of online retailers from which you can rent a tuxedo. A great benefit to renting a tux online is that there is a great selection to choose from. You can browse from an incredible variety of colors and styles that many shops may not have in store. A major difficulty when renting a tuxedo online is that you’ll have to pay close attention to timing. Make sure to consider shipping time so that you receive your ensemble in time for your event, and be sure to return as soon as possible so you aren’t charged additional days or late return fees. 


Renting a Tux from Savvi Formalwear


Savvi Formalwear offers tuxedo rental locations across the country that offer the very best in service for all customers. Simply browse our incredible selection online to find the styles you like, then try on in-store to find the right fit and accessories. From the moment you enter a Savvi Formalwear location, our experts are ready to help you figure out just the right look to complement your figure and fit your budget. Browse our inventory today and be on your way to an unforgettable look at your next formal event.