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To Tux Or Not To Tux

You’ve been dreaming of this for your whole life! You’ve imagined the guy, the ring, the dress… Now that you’ve got the dream guy and the details are falling into place, how will the man of your dreams be dressed when you meet him at the altar?

For many years, weddings have been some of the most formal events of a person’s life. They are an occasion for fancy jewelry, beautiful flowers, and elegant decorations in chic settings. The entire wedding party typically dresses up in attire fitting the style and formality of the event. A recent trend, however, has many bridal parties going more casual to fit the personalities of the bride and groom. Thanks to social media outlets like Pinterest, many couples are opting to simplify the men’s style and are opting for no coats; shirts, ties, slacks and suspenders;  vest, shirt and slacks; or any of a number of other varieties of casual options. The photos show a happy group of guys and a definite festive atmosphere.

While you should definitely make your wedding completely yours, do you want to lose the wedding party in a sea of guests? Have you seen the rest of the photos from these events? Wedding guests tend to dress up for the event in cocktail and sundresses for the ladies and shirts and ties or sport coats for the gents. When the wedding party is dressed so casually, how do you know who is who? You’ve selected these people to stand beside you on this important day and should highlight how important they are to you!

Many couples are opting for the casual attire in order to save money as well as to create a certain type of atmosphere for their event. According to, the current average cost of a wedding is $28,671! Bridal gowns cost an average of $1189 in 2013. It is no surprise that women are happy to splurge on their gowns considering how much they have fantasized about this important frock. When you spend this much on your gown, you might like to have the groom (and his guys!) step up their fashion game to match!  Check out the fabulous weddings showcased here on the blog of photographer Kristen Taylor in Birmingham, MI. You’ll see that the weddings with formally dressed men are just as fun and festive as those where everyone is more casually dressed.


Casual is popular now, but will it eventually go out of style like the powder blue tuxedo with the ruffled shirt? Fashion trends often change, sometimes more drastically than others. Tuxedos have been around for many years with only minor (and generally more gradual) changes to the overall look. You have lots of options to consider when planning the overall look and feel of your wedding. Will you go with the trend and choose a less formal look for your guys? Or might you prefer to choose classic, timeless tuxedos? Savvi Formalwear is here to help you create the fashions you’ve been dreaming of for the most amazing day of your life!