Savvi Formalwear is a cooperative of the finest formalwear retailers in the world. The organization is collectively managed so that customers are seamlessly served across the United States and Canada. To ensure the very best service for every customer, all locations are family owned and operated by members in their respective communities. And all locations are served by local warehouses so that tuxedos look their best when you wear them for your event.

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The Formalwear Process

There may only be one day in a man’s life when he wants to play “dress-up” – his wedding. The evolution of formalwear has proven wedding attire is as much about the groom as the bride. These days, it’s not about conforming to the traditional “black tuxedo”. Formalwear companies are stepping up their game and offering more attire options for the groom. We’re told from a young age that the bride’s journey to find her perfect wedding gown is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, Savvi believes the groom’s tuxedo experience should be no different. Selecting the right formalwear specialist will be the first step in the rental process.

Location, Location, Location

A well-dressed groom won’t be hard to find once he chooses his desired formalwear shop. As you look around, remember it is important to select a formalwear specialist who locally stocks their tuxedos.

Imagine This

It’s the day before the wedding. The groom and his groomsmen shuffle into their designated tuxedo shop to try their rentals on. While the groomsmen’s tuxedos fit to perfection, the groom has lost 15 pounds! This weight loss poses a sizing problem because he will now need a smaller coat and pants…

The simple solution is to issue the groom a smaller coat and pair of pants to compliment his weight loss. However, companies who do not locally stock their tuxedos may not be able to render a solution in time for the wedding. Unfortunately, shipping items from one location to another can instill panic in a time-sensitive situation. On the other hand, locally stocked formalwear specialists, like Savvi, can solve this problem right away! Such companies have the ability to send a replacement garment out of their warehouses that same day. Fear not– the customer will have a properly fitting coat and pants within hours to guarantee he will look perfect along with the wedding party.

Finding the Right Fit

Savvi’s certified formalwear consultants at every location have been trained in the art of measuring. Their expertise helps to ensure a great fitting attire through the “sure fit” process used in the stores. Our consultants ask each customer to try on a coat,

shirt, pair of pants and shoes to prevent sizing errors down the road. We believe the perfect fit, is a “sure fit”!

Next, the customer will then select his styles. Formalwear styles are ever-changing at Savvi. In Savvi stores, you’ll find tuxedos and suits in greys, tans, even navy! Along with colors, the fit of formal jackets has also been altered to compliment different body types. Savvi features tuxedos in slim, modern and classic fits. From selecting tuxedos or suits to vests and ties, our formalwear consultants will be there to help every step of the way to make sure your stress levels are low. In fact, we’ll promise to send you to the altar stunning in your selection of attire.

You may ask, how can we make such a bold statement? It’s simple! Different from the certified fit, Savvi offers a free Groom’s Try-On to our grooms. This serves as a wonderful visual aid to the bride and groom so they may distinguish what styles and colors schemes look perfect. Benefiting both Savvi and our customers, we find this feature separates us from competitor’s shops.

After you finalize your selections, the only thing left will be the biggest event of all. We only hope you’ll feel as wonderful as you will look.