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Prom 2014: Make it Your Moment

Prom is in full bloom and students all across the country are setting their clocks for this lifetime celebration. Prom certainly isn’t what it used to be.  We all remember seeing those pictures of our dad’s and uncles in their prom tuxedos right?  You know the ones taken in the sky blue tuxedos and those ruffled shirts.  Well the times have changed – that’s for sure.  While the tradition of prom has stayed the same, thank goodness, the fashions haven’t. This year, make it your moment with a fashion forward tuxedo that will round out your confidence inside and out.  Today’s tuxedo styles have been created by some of the biggest names in fashion design, from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Joseph Abboud, Perry Ellis, Jean Yves, Red Sleeve and Claiborne to name a few.

Sharing Creative #Promposals on Instagram

Popping the prom question has gone to new heights. Promposals caught fire this year with some pretty amazing gestures. Check out creative 2014 promposals on From cute to clever and everything in between it’s nice to see the tradition of asking a date to prom is alive and well. Prom really does begin with a grand gesture; it’s a really fun way to set the mood for a memorable and fabulous time.

Top 3 Prom Tips

Here are three simple tips to help guide you towards dressing for success on prom night.  Think formal, think color, and think fit:

  1. Make it formal – Pick out a slim fit tuxedo that’s fashion forward. This means the full ensemble, jacket, pants, vest, tie, pocket square, shirt and shoes. No shortcuts.
  2. Make it colorful – Your vest, tie and pocket square need to match your date’s dress.  Accent her dress, make her the star for an evening neither of you will forget. All eyes will be on both of you as you enter the prom.  That’s the idea!
  3. Make it fit – Try on your tuxedo before your prom, it takes only a few minutes but guarantees your tuxedo will fit perfectly the night of your prom.  You’ll be wearing your tux a lot longer than it will ever take to try it on, so make sure you will feel confident and can move comfortably- all night long.

Are You A Prom Rep?  

It’s not too late to make it your moment with a free tux rental.  It’s easy, grab your friends and you’re halfway there. Sign up your friends and your tux rental will be free. You’ll look great and feel confident with that extra cash in your pocket to spend on your date.

Make It Social Make It A Night To Remember

No doubt your phone will be a flutter taking tons of pictures and videos. Your Prom 2014 just might set a record for the most posts you’ve made in one night. Be smart and make sure these are images that won’t come back to haunt you. Don’t be afraid to delete, that’s what it is there for.  Prom is one night; one fabulous night that will make time stand still. Make it count, make it fun and make it memorable.  Make it your moment.