Savvi Formalwear is a cooperative of the finest formalwear retailers in the world. The organization is collectively managed so that customers are seamlessly served across the United States and Canada. To ensure the very best service for every customer, all locations are family owned and operated by members in their respective communities. And all locations are served by local warehouses so that tuxedos look their best when you wear them for your event.

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Out-of-Town Groomsmen: Get Fit There, Pick Up Here

We take the hassle out of making sure your groomsmen are a perfect fit with the rest of the wedding party.

We understand that many of your groomsmen may be coming in from out of town. In fact, 80% of Savvi weddings have groomsmen who do not live near the wedding they are to be part of, which is why we offer Flexible Fitting options.
Your groomsmen can get fitted at their formalwear provider and pick up their formalwear when they arrive for your wedding. This will save them money by avoiding extra baggage fees, as well as keep their tuxedo or suit wrinkle free.
If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit our website where we offer helpful videos to walk you through the entire process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Visit Notify groomsmen–all you need is your registration number and their email addresses.
2. Guys get measured close to home. Visit any one of our 400 Savvi affiliate stores or any other convenient tuxedo specialist. Submit your measurements from anywhere in the world on our website.
3. Groomsmen arrive for the wedding. Pick up their tuxedos hassle-free, wrinkle-free and guaranteed to fit.