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It’s Full Steam Ahead with the Formalwear Season

Sometime around mid-April, the formalwear season, particularly for men, kicks into high gear. There are rites of passage such as proms and weddings, as well as formal sorority and fraternity events, just to name a few. While normally most people are overly focused on “the dress,” there’s no need for you to feel like you’re second fiddle. In fact, tuxedos come in more styles, cuts and colors than ever before, meaning you can express yourself through fashion just like the ladies. Still feeling fresh out of ideas? Here’s a few events you might have coming up in your social calendar and some hot tips for looking cool.

The High School Prom

If you’re headed out to prom this year, chances are you were probably just thinking of renting that boring black tux that everyone else will be wearing. However, you’re only young once. Now’s the time to jazz it up with colors, accessories or even a more casual cut. For example, try getting a swatch of your date’s dress material so you can match either your tie or your waistcoat to her dress for a look that’s all class. Also, you can look into some of the slim fit tuxedos that have been all over Hollywood’s red carpets this year.

A Spring or Summer Wedding

As the groom, it’s more than likely that your partner is taking care of most of the   details. It can almost make you feel like all you have to do is show up and say “I do.” However, it’s your wedding day too, and you can definitely go for the style. If you’re a spring or summer groom, why not ditch the basic black tux and go for navy instead? You and your groomsmen can look like classic Vegas rat-packers rather than a huddle of penguins with sharp lapels and more casual tuxedos that fit perfectly. We have sizes that will fit everybody, making you and your boys look sharp on the big day.


The Quinceanera

When a Latino girl turns 15, she’s officially a woman and her birthday becomes a royal event for all of her friends and family. But what princess goes without an escort? If you’ve been selected as one of her royal court of chambelanes, you’ll need to ensure you look truly special for the biggest day of her life. Once a color scheme has been selected, a dedicated team at one of Savvi’s locations can work with you and the rest of the party to ensure you’re matching and looking your best. While you can all opt for different tux styles, try to keep your color schemes matching.

Those College Events

Whether you’re an alpha or a zeta, there are a million different occasions where you might want to ditch the jeans and hoodie look for something more sophisticated. You may have a black tie event for your fraternity, or you may just want to look a little more cleaned up for all those graduation photos. While Savvi is known for formalwear, did you also know we can help you out with suits for that big interview or campus career day? If the only suit you have hanging in your closet is that wrinkly, saggy number from high school, it’s time for an upgrade.

 Though these are just some of the occasions that a man might want to brush up and look his best, there’s always a time where you might need to get “suited and booted.” After all, your date doesn’t need to always outshine you.