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Different Types of Suits for All Body Types

When women go in search of the perfect dress to wear on their big day, a quick Internet search provides a plethora of advice on how to find the gown that best compliments their body shape and size. As a society, we associate dressing for your figure with the ladies, however men too need to keep in mind the unique shape of their bodies when shopping for a suit. There are a number of different types of suits for men, so it can be tricky to determine what will look best.

The following tips offer recommendations of various types of suits for men fitting some of the most common body types. Though not exhaustive, these men’s suit types demonstrate that it is possible to find a well-fitting suit that hits the body in all the right places, producing a flattering and polished look.

Fuller Frame

Just as with women’s fashion, there is a pronounced lack of representation when it comes to the fuller figured man. This can make it a bit more difficult to determine the style and fit of suit that will look best. If you are a bulkier man, muscular frames included, it is first and foremost important to look for a slenderizing suit. When it comes to fabric, choose one that is lightweight, such as a light worsted wool. Keep away from heavy fabrics that will add unwanted weight and bulk to your frame.

When it comes to color, we all have probably heard that the darker the color the more slimming. Because the top and bottom pieces of a suit are the same color, the monochromatic outfit will create a slimmer and taller visual drawing the eye away from your midsection. For the best look, stick to navy or black suits.

Full figured men should always choose jackets with a single vent. Vents often attract attention; therefore a huskier man will want to avoid adding bulk to his backside. A single vent jacket will offer the much-needed comfort without drawing any extra attention.

Tall and Skinny

If you have the height but are lacking bulk, you’ll want to find suits made up of heavier fabrics. By choosing fabrics with more weight, you’ll effectively add proportion. Light fabrics, on the other hand, will hang on your body in a way that might just end up making you look frail. A couple of fabrics generally recommended for tall and slender men are a nice, heavy worsted wool, or tweed.

Slim men should stick to lighter color suits when possible, as light colors, such as gray or khaki, tend to add bulk. Steer clear of lengthening pinstripes or slimming dark colors.

When it comes to pants, you want to avoid those that will make your already long legs appear even longer. You can avoid this by selecting regular rise pants. Regular rise pants will properly balance your legs and torso, establishing flattering proportions to complete your look.

Another recommendation for the tall and skinny man is to go for a jacket with a single vent, or no vent at all. Because thin men tend not to have much of a rear end, vents, which were originally created as a way to allow for better movement, are not really necessary.

Shorter Man

In general, a man falls into this category when he is around the 5’5” mark or below. However the following tips are great for any guy who wants to appear a little taller than he actually is.


When it comes to patterns, stick to those that are more subdued as opposed to loud. Loud patterns, such as herringbone, check, and houndstooth, tend to draw attention to your short frame. Solid colors are your friend.

You might also consider a suit with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are an easy way to create the illusion of a longer body by drawing the eye upwards and elongating the entire look of a suit. This is, therefore, effective in making shorter men appear taller.

When looking for the right suit pants, choose those that are low rise. The rise is the distance between the crotch and waist of the pant. A low-rise pant will elongate the torso, again making a short frame look taller. Keep in mind that the lower the rise of the pant, the longer the body will look.

When it comes to the jacket, a short man will want to look for one with double vents. The double vents will add emphasis to the body’s outside lines, creating an even longer silhouette that complements the smaller frame. Most people also find double vents more stylish, which is an added bonus.