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Classic Suit, Shirt, and Tie Combinations For Any Event

When it comes to formalwear, often times for men it can become somewhat of a uniform.  However, it shouldn’t be.  Yes, the structure shouldn’t change, but the elements of the outfit can be enhanced in order to achieve a more personalized look.

Shirt and Tie Combos

It is best practices to keep a set of traditional colored shirts in your closet at all times.  So make sure you have the basics, white, light blue and pale pink.  This is the best selection of shirt staples as they pair well with almost all ties.  But if you are feeling the need to be a bit more unique, patterned shirts serve as a great stand-in.  Our recommendation is to stick to traditional patterns though, as getting to flashy with the print choice can result in a tacky outfit.

White Shirt

White shirts and versatility are pretty much synonymous with each other.  This tone is not only classic and crisp, but it goes well with basically every color.  Thus white shirts have earned their spot as a closet staple since they provide you with the fashionable freedom to go whichever style route you desire.  Regarding your tie choice, the white shirt makes it fairly simple.  Striped, patterned, and even new to the scene textures are all fair game with the interchangeable white shirt.

Black Suit with a White Shirt

With the white shirt being so adaptable, it is no surprise to see it utilized with all of the basic suit colors, black, grey, navy and tan.  But there are a few rules that need to be followed when doing so.  Firstly, when pairing with the timeless black suit, most tie colors will work.  However, monochromatic ties will work best, as they will keep the refined look when working with this palette.  Different tie textures are encouraged to add another dimension to the outfit.

Grey Suit with a White Shirt

Much like its simple white counterpart, the grey suit is also very neutral.  So when paired together, it is important to consider warmer accent tones to balance everything out.  Red and dark red (maroon or burgundy) work great for this white in the warmer months, light blue and pink are a good fit.   You can get away with a navy, black or even grey, but save these for the cooler months of the year.

Navy Suit with a White Shirt

White and Navy have become a quintessential suit and shirt combination, particularly in the corporate world.  In order to avoid looking like you just stepped out of the boardroom, experiment with different patterns and textures for your tie choice.  Knit ties in colors like pink, green and yellow will really add another dimension to your look.

Tan Suit with a White Shirt

Tan and blue go together like PB & J, mainly in the warmer seasons.  The lighter colors keep you cool in the heat, so lean towards bright blue ties to pop on top of your white shirt.  Again, navy works well too, as does tan, since the monochromatic color scheme is coming back into play.

Navy Suit with a Blue Shirt

Since a blue on blue combination is rather monotone, it is important to pair with ties that sport different patterns and prints.  You can still go with a blue tie, but make sure it has some pizazz to it, in hopes to keep everything from blending in together.

Grey Suit with a Blue Shirt

Another timeless combination, the blue shirt and grey suit goes well for almost any occasion.  It is important to not stray too far from the classic powder blue shirt, however, as going too far navy will cause a discrepancy in your overall  color story.  Any color tie beside white or black should work fine with this everlasting style.

Tan Suit with a Blue Shirt

When working with a tan suit and blue shirt, it is best practice to keep it as simple as possible.  You’re dealing with tones from opposite families, so to ensure they get along, make sure everything else is conservative.  Navy ties are the best recommendation, but if you want to jazz it up, consider a textured tie with traditional colors.

Navy Suit with a Pink Shirt

With pink shirts, navy suits are the favorable option.  They match together perfectly, especially when the shirt is a lighter shade of pink.  The safest bet is to roll with a navy tie, but go with a knit one to add some dimension to the overall look.

Grey Suit with a Pink Shirt

Pink and grey play well off of each other, but to truly bring out the combination, you’ll want to pair with a maroon tie, or even a deep violet.

Tan Suit with a Pink Shirt

This suit and shirt combination should be reserved only for warmer weather events.  The warm tones leave room for dark browns and navys for your tie choice.

Whatever the occasion may be, we hope that this guide of shirt, suit and time combinations has you looking dashing for your special event.