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Floral Décor Ideas for Spring Weddings

Getting married in the spring? When most people think of the word “wedding”, flowers are one of the first things to pop into mind. Flowers embody romance, elegance and grace that most people strive to capture on their wedding day.

Something to consider as the planning process continues and time gets closer to the big day: the floral arrangements you’ll have displayed throughout your venue that will bring together your ideal wedding vision.

Below are 5 floral trends and ideas for spring weddings that will help spark some extra inspiration:

1. Floral Cake Garnishes

This may sound a little unconventional, but don’t be afraid to think a little out of the box! Edible flowers do exist, and they’re just as pretty as a garden bloom. Garnishing your cake with a few flowers adds a subtle freshness and will tie together surrounding floral arrangements. Plus, this can double as a wedding cake topper!

2. Romantic, Soft Blooms

Tying in lush, soft floral pieces to the bouquet, table arrangements and other floral accents throughout the venue can create a romantic atmosphere. Think blush pink, creams and other muted soft colors that will capture a timeless elegance, no matter what wedding theme. 

3.Table Runner Floral Pieces

Wedding table decorations should always be a priority, but consider this trend as you contact your florist: flower table runners. If you are needing wedding table decoration ideas, this is a great place to start. Imagine your tablescape adorned by gorgeous, dramatic floral and greenery arrangements – a definite way to make a statement!

4. Green Garden Bouquets

Organic bouquets with a splash of greenery and leaves are a trend that integrate a fresh spin on the classic wedding bouquet. You also can’t go wrong with incorporating the same organic mix to other wedding décor like chairs, tables and backdrops. 

5. Floral Backdrops

Naturally, a bride wants all eyes on her and her groom during the wedding ceremony – this can definitely be achieved with a dramatic floral arch behind her! Utilizing a flower arch mixed with greens and foliage as the ceremony backdrop is a delicate yet striking trend. 

No matter what wedding venue or theme, incorporating florals to your wedding décor is a definite way to add an extra note of romance, luxury and elegance!