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3 Simple Steps to Look Your Best in a Tux

Ok, so the summer is here, and wedding season is in full effect. Everyone knows the basic necessities for wearing a formal suit. But the tuxedo? Now that seems to be an unsolved mystery to so many men. But there are just three simple things you need to achieve, and you’ll look stellar in your tuxedo. Follow these tips, and you can’t go wrong.

Select a tuxedo made for YOUR body type. Master the fit, and you’ve won the war. But you have to do more than just take the right measurements. Slim guys should pick a slim fit tuxedo (not to be mistaken for the skinny fit). And your tux should not be too big and boxy for your body type. Instead, it should allow you to move about freely, especially in the stomach and hip areas.

Always keep it simple. If you’re a newbie tux owner, it’s perfectly fine to go with the traditional black tie look. The classic attire includes the following:

  • Tuxedo (black)
  • Tuxedo shirt (white; spread or semi spread collar)
  • Bow Tie (black)
  • Cuff links
  • Silk pocket square (traditionally white)
  • Shoes (formal and well polished)

Take the details seriously. The details are everything. The key to looking amazing in your tuxedo is to use every small fixture to your advantage. For instance, a double-vented jacket might be more appropriate, whereas wearing a belt with belt loops is a hug no-no. Never short change yourself by forgetting about the small things in hopes that no one will notice or care.

For more advice on how to perfect the details and create the best ever formal look, connect with a Savvi Formalwear near you, and receive a personalized consultation. You can do this, and we can help!