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What Shoes to Wear with a Tuxedo?

Because most of us don’t have the opportunity to wear a tuxedo very often, nailing your look when you do have the chance to don this signature formal look is key. When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, every detail matters. An ill-fitting tux or out of place accessory has the power to transform what would be a chic and sleek ensemble into a sloppy and uncoordinated miss. One of the most important details to consider early on as you pull together your tuxedo look are the shoes. An important piece of every tux ensemble, your shoes can make or break your look, either adding just the right finishing touch or leaving your outfit seriously lacking. So just what are the right shoes to wear with a tuxedo? Read on to learn the options available when it comes to selecting shoes for your tuxedo.


Shoe Styles


When it comes to styles of shoes to wear with your tuxedo, there are four primary options: oxfords, Venetian loafers, opera pumps, and slippers. Originating in Scotland and Ireland, oxfords are a classic men’s dress shoe characterized by a closed lacing up the center of the shoe. Oxfords have been adapted to fit both casual and formal dress codes, and are available in a range of materials and colors. Unlike the oxford, Venetian slippers have no laces, and are instead characterized by their total simplicity of design. This unadorned loafer features an upper section constructed in a similar style to a moccasin, and can either have a separate sole heel or no separate sole at all.


Next is the opera pump, a less common but equally as elegant style. The opera pump is a loafer made from fabrics such as patent leather or velvet, that is characterized by a silk bow across the foot. Opera pumps will have a slight heel and separate sole. Lastly, we have the slipper. Though sharing a name with the house shoe you might use to take out the trash, this version is of course much more formal in appearance. Like the Venetian pumps, slippers do not feature any laces and instead slip on to the foot. You can find slippers in many different fabrics and colors.


Shoe Materials


Now that we’ve explored the style of shoes that are acceptable to wear with a tuxedo, we can now look at the various shoe materials you might consider with your tux. 


Patent Leather. An elegant, simple and common option for shoes to wear with a tuxedo is black patent leather. Black patent leather is recognizable as the smooth and shiny material that, when perfectly shined, adds a pop and flair to a formal look. The shine of black patent leather instantly ups the dressiness of your tuxedo, which is why it is typically the go-to choice for most men. The most popular choice for shoes to wear with a tuxedo are black patent leather oxfords, though you can also find black patent leather Venetian loafers and opera pumps as well.


Calfskin Shoes. Calfskin shoes are a more subtle alternative to black patent leather, though you certainly don’t lose any of the elegance. Made of soft and smooth cow’s hide, it’s important to take the time to have your calfskin shoes expertly shined prior to your event so that they pair perfectly with your tux.


Velvet shoes. Velvet shoes allow you to play with texture, while still looking polished and pulled together with a tuxedo. In most cases, you will see velvet shoes in the slipper style. Unlike patent leather shoes, velvet slippers are worn in a wide range of colors from rich burgundies and greens, to royal purples and blacks. Consider pairing a velvet tuxedo jacket with your velvet slippers for a truly unique and eye-catching ensemble.


Tuxedo Shoe “Don’t’s”


With a range of styles and materials to choose from, showcasing your personal style through the shoes you wear with your tuxedo is easy. When thinking through what kicks to select, there are some things to avoid. First, you never want to wear scuffed or scratched shoes with your tuxedo. Tuxedos are the most formal of attire, and you should always look completely polished from head to toe. This means no shoes with scuffs to distracted from your look.


Second, never wear sneakers with your tuxedo. While you may have seen your favorite celebrities rocking sneakers with tuxedos on the red carpet, this is truly a difficult look to pull off and is best left to the professionals. 


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