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Top 10 Tuxedo Styles for 2019

While the tuxedo is the epitome of classic style, it also continues to evolve and change as years pass, adjusting to fit the latest trends. Though this evolution is exciting to those tuned into the fashion world, for the everyday man it can get a little overwhelming. Figuring out how to stay up on the latest tuxedo styles and tuxedo designs often involves scrolling through endless Google images of different types of tuxedos. To help take some of the guesswork out of finding a great tux that is on trend, we’ve compiled a list of the latest tuxedo trends you might consider for your next formal event. From popular colors of 2019, to new fabrics and textures, there is a lot to be excited about for tuxedo styles of 2019.

2019’s Top Tuxedo Designs and Trends

The Burgundy Tuxedo

Black will always be the classic, traditional color option when it comes to the tuxedo. However, it also the safe option. As more men become comfortable exploring their personal style, it’s not surprise that what’s excepted in terms of tuxedo color is changing. One of the tuxedo styles that is becoming more popular in 2019 is the burgundy tuxedo. Burgundy is both bold, yet rich and luxurious. Sporting a burgundy tuxedo will instantly set you apart, and show that you’re ahead of the game when it comes to tuxedo styles.

Savvi’s Recommendation: Looking for a great burgundy tux option? We recommend the Ike Behar ‘Burgundy Camden’ tuxedo. Made of ultra lightweight super 120s wool, this tux is slim fit, features a single button closure and satin shawl lapel, as well as a side vented back and satin besom pockets.

The Cobalt Blue Tuxedo

If burgundy is not quite your style, another of the popular tuxedo styles for 2019 is the cobalt tuxedo. A deep, cobalt tux will wow those around you, and completely up your fashion game. A cobalt tuxedo is equally as acceptable at a formal gala as it is for a daytime outdoor wedding. No matter where you plan on wearing it, you will look totally on trend.

Savvi’s Recommendation: The Cobalt Blue Brunswick tux is a must-have for anyone looking to try out the cobalt blue tuxedo trend. This tux is made of a comfortable and lightweight wool, and features a two button front closure, self framed notch lapel, and flap pockets.

The Grey Tuxedo

Another must try tuxedo color for 2019 is grey. If you’re not quite ready to try a stronger pop of color, the grey tuxedo trend helps you step out of the classic black tuxedo without going too bold.

Savvi’s Recommendation: The Grey Valencia by Savvi Black Label is one of the most popular tuxedo styles for the grey tux trend. This tuxedo is made from lightweight comfort wool, and is completed with a slim fit jacket and matching grey flat front pants. One of Savvi’s most popular tuxedo designs, the Grey Valencia features a one button front closure, besom pockets, and a side vented back.

Lapel Piping

Giving tuxedos a fresh vibe in 2019 is the new trend of lapel piping on the jacket. The piping can either be of a completely different color of the jacket, or it might just be a subtle piping of a slightly lighter or darker color than the jacket color. One of the more bold tuxedo designs, this look will instantly turn heads.

Savvi’s Recommendation: Look totally fresh in one of our boldest tuxedo styles yet, the White Spectre by Savvi Black Label. This eye-catching white tuxedo is slim fit, and features a black satin framed shawl lapel, satin besom pockets, and a stylish one button front closure.

Lapel Styles

When it comes to lapel types for 2019, the three most popular tuxedo styles still remain. Peak lapels, shawl collars, and notch lapels are all still on trend and great choices for your formal wear. Still can’t decide? Opt for the notch lapel. This style is sleek and modern.

The Double-Breasted Jacket

One of the major tuxedo trends for 2019 is the double-breasted jacket. Usually one of the more formal tuxedo styles, this jacket features 4+ buttons. A rare sight, picking this style for your tux will certainly turn heads and leave others taking style notes.


2019 is the year of bold fashion moves, and nothing makes a stronger statement than a beautifully patterned or textured tuxedo. One of the most popular tuxedo styles of the year is to wow with a unique fabric or pattern that instantly shows you’re not afraid to go bold.

Savvi’s Recommendation: The Blue Paisley Chase by Ike Behar features a luxurious, blue paisley fabric made of super 120s wool. With a slim fit, one button front closure, besom pockets, and satin peak lapel, you’re make a huge statement at weddings, galas, or formal ceremonies.


Bold patterns aren’t the only way to make a big statement in 2019. Consider another of the tuxedo styles trends, which is unexpected tuxedo textures. One of the most popular fabrics for the year is velvet. A truly luxurious and rich fabric, velvet takes the tux to a whole new level.

Savvi’s Recommendation: The Black Luxor by Savvi Black Level is made of a velvet comfort blend, and is slim fit to flatter the body. With a one button front closure, besom pockets, and full satin peak lapel, you’ll leave those around you speechless with this must-have tux featuring one of 2019’s latest tuxedo trends.

Jacket Accessories

2019 is the year of the tuxedo accessory. From boutonnieres, to brooches, to pins to lapel chains, men are experimenting with both bold and subtle accessories to freshen up their tuxedo look, and add interest to what is typically a simple, classic ensemble.

The Bare Waist

Traditionally, tuxedos are worn with some sort of waist covering, whether it be a cummerbund or vest. Today, men are modernizing the look of the tux and forgoing the waist covering all together. While this may put you at risk for unsightly bunching at the waist, when done right, this look is sleek and effortless.

Savvi’s Recommendation: Looking to go cummerbund-less? Try the Black Chandler by Ike Behar. This classic black tuxedo is slim fit, with a one-button front closure, satin shawl lapel, and besom pockets. You’ll look and feel great on your wedding day, at prom, or any other special event.

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