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Prom 2020: A Guide to Picking the Right Prom Attire for You

Prom season is the best time of year, when you and your best buds prepare for an unforgettable night that celebrates your youth and the ending of the school year. While prom is all about having a good time, before the fun starts you have to figure out what to wear to prom. Finding the right prom outfit can take the night to the next level, showing your classmates your personal style and your bold and adventurous spirit. But, with  so many formalwear options out there, figuring out what to wear to prom can be overwhelming. This guide is full of prom ideas for guys, featuring all you need to know to find the latest prom tuxedos 2020 and prom suits 2020 styles.

Suit or Tux?

One of the first questions guys today ask when thinking about what to wear to prom is whether they should choose a suit or a tuxedo. The truth is, there are no strict rules when it comes to prom suits 2020 and prom tuxedos 2020, as both are widely accepted options.

Prom Suits 2020: A suit is a great choice for prom ideas for guys, because they are modern, easy to accessorize, and versatile. Plus, a sleek suit can be worn time and time again to other upcoming events (like graduation).

Prom Tuxedos 2020: A tuxedo on the other hand is a nod to tradition, and channels old-school style you can really have fun with.  Deciding between a tux and suit for what to wear to prom comes down to personal preference. For a more casual and fresh look, go for the suit. To really wow the crowd with a shows stopping classic, opt for the tux.

The Fit

Among the most important to consider on the list of prom ideas for guys is the fit of your outfit. Whether you select a suit or tuxedo, the fit of what to wear to prom is key. Today, the most popular prom tuxedos and prom suits 2020 fits are skinny, slim, and tailored. The fit you choose for what to wear to prom largely depends on your body type and preference.

A skinny fit suit or tux will have narrow lapels and shoulders, as well as a shorter jacket and narrower legs. A skinny fit will help you achieve an ultra-modern look, and is great on guys with slim builds. Also popular for prom ideas for guys is the slim fit tuxedo or suit. Slim fit features a narrow fit around the waist, shoulder, chest, and sleeves, along with tapered trouser legs for a sharp silhouette. If you have a slim to medium build, a slim fit will complement you nicely. Finally on the list of what to wear to prom is the tailored fit suit or tuxedo. The tailored fit is a must prom ideas for guys who want a look that accentuates their figure while also allowing for some breathing room. Guys with a slim, medium, or large build can rock a tailored fit, which features a tapered jacket, classic lapels, and tapered trousers.

The Color

One of the most important decisions for determining what to wear to prom is figuring out the color of your suit or tuxedo. Because of your age and the setting, it’s hard to go wrong when picking a color. First, we’ll cover the classics. A simple black, blue, or grey suit or tuxedo is a prom staple, and will leave you looking dapper and well put together on this special night. These timeless colors are also great prom ideas for guys if you plan to reuse your tux or suit in the future.

If you’re a guy that likes to make a statement and have all eyes on you, neutrals might not cut it. Instead, go for bold, unique, and untraditional colors or patterns that will turn heads. From paisleys to plaids to velvets and more, there are endless opportunities to showcase your adventurous side. If you want to be bold without committing to a full ensemble of color, consider a bright printed shirt to wear underneath a black or grey suit or tuxedo.

The Tie

Figuring out what to wear to prom also includes deciding on a bow tie or neck tie. Figuring out which one is right for your ensemble largely depends on whether you pick a suit or tuxedo. If you’re wearing a suit, you can match either a bow tie or neck tie with your look. While a neck tie gives you a more casual, effortless feel, a bow tie dresses up the suit a bit more. Another of the popular prom ideas for guys in 2020 is to choose a statement bow tie or neck tie for your suit. Fun patterns and bright colors can instantly transform an ordinary suit into a true look.

For chic prom tuxedos 2020 style, go with the bow tie. Tuxedos are typically cut and styled to be worn with a bow tie, so wearing a long tie can end up looking awkward. Stick with a basic black satin bow tie for a traditional, tasteful appearance.

The Accessories

The key to a complete prom look is picking the right accessories. When figuring out what to wear to prom, don’t overlook these small details that instantly up your outfit to the next level. Select a stylish pair of cufflinks, a brightly patterned pocket square, boldly patterned socks, and a stylish belt. Popular prom ideas for guys in 2020 also includes retro braces or suspenders for those wearing a tuxedo. Your date will love your dapper digs.

Prom Ideas for Guys from Savvi Formalwear

At Savvi Formalwear, we bring together all the hottest prom ideas for guys, making it easy to find just the right head turning looking for the perfect, unforgettable night. With a variety of colors, fabrics, and accessories, our prom selection is unmatched and designed to complement all styles, body types, and budgets. Browse our collection of prom suits 2020 and prom tuxedos 2020 for men from only the best brands on the market.