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What is Considered a Black Tie Event?

Copping an invitation to a black tie event can be incredibly exciting. Who is going to be there? What food is going to be served? Where will it be held? Once the initial excitement of being invited to a highly formal event wears off, however, panic typically sets in when one begins to wonder what exactly they should wear. From cummerbunds to socks to accessories, planning your black tie event attire can be intimidating. Fortunately though, dressing for a black tie event is actually pretty simple.

When it comes to black tie event attire, it’s all about following the rules. With jus the right black tie event suit and a few simple accessories, you’re ready to make your big debut. Below, we’ll explore what exactly a black tie event is and the black tie event attire you should wear for an unforgettable night out.

What is a Black Tie Event?

Before you shop for your black tie event suit, it’s important to first understand what exactly constitutes a black tie event. Simply put, a black tie event is one that expects the most formal attire. Black tie looks are timeless, appreciated years after the event has taken place. Beyond just the expectation of a tuxedo, a black tie event expects a specific, classic interpretation of the tuxedo with specific accessories to accompany your black tie event suit. While in years past there was only one way to dress to a black tie event, today there is some room for variations.

Black tie event attire can be expected at highly formal events, including extravagant weddings, award ceremonies, prestigious galas, and milestone birthdays. Because black tie events are typically among the most significant and unforgettable experiences of one’s life, it’s important not to cut corners when it comes to your black tie event suit and accessories.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Event

Now that you what a black tie event is, let’s take a look at how to dress for a black tie event. When it comes to black tie event attire, there are specific components you’ll incorporate. These include:

  • A Dinner Jacket. The dinner jacket is likely the most important piece of your black tie event suit, tying your entire look together. Typically, black tie event attire calls for a jacket that is black or midnight blue in color. While you may not have expected blue to be an option given the name, black tie event suits were originally designed in midnight blue because this color actually appears darker under artificial lighting. A black tie event suit jacket will most often be designed from a wool material, and will be single breasted with a single front button. When it comes to the shape of the lapel, there are a few options including the shawl lapel, peak lapel, and notch lapel. No matter the lapel shape you select, it should be satin faced, which instantly amps up the formality in your black tie event attire look.
  • Trousers. Completing your black tie event suit are, of course, the trousers. Black tie event attire calls for trousers that are well-fitted, and matched perfectly in color to your dinner jacket. The material of your trousers should again match the dinner jacket, for a sleek, perfectly-coordinated ensemble. Traditionally, the trousers of a black tie event suit will feature a satin strip on the outer seam for added formality. To keep your black tie event suit trousers in place, you may be wondering if a belt is an option. The answer is no. Most back tie event suit trousers do not even feature belt loops. Instead, select a pair of suspenders or braces to keep your pants in a comfortable place.
  • A Dress Shirt. The shirt of your black tie event attire is very simple as these events call for a classic white dress shirt. The shirt paired with your black tie event suit will typically be pleated, featuring a turn-down collar as well as holes for cufflinks on both sleeves. Easy, right?
  • A Cummerbund. Ah, the cummerbund. One of the most widely recognized symbols of black tie event attire. A cummerbund serves the purpose of hiding the waist, ensuring an untucked shirt doesn’t show while also keeping your black tie event suit sleek, smooth, and flattering. Today, cummerbunds are not necessary for all black tie events. However, it wearing one along with your black tie even attire shows your respect for the expected dress code and the time you’ve taken to perform thorough research of classic black tie event attire.
  • A Bow Tie. Black tie event attire always calls for a bow tie, never a long tie. While certain black tie events allow for variations in color, the most classic and traditional look is to wear a black bow tie to accompany your black tie event suit. One bow tie color that is an absolute ‘no’ for black tie events is white. The material of your bow tie should be a satin that matches your lapels, and your black tie event attire bow tie should should always be hand tied.
  • Accessories. To accompany your black tie event suit, there are a variety of black tie event attire accessories to consider. Socks, cufflinks, and pocket squares, for example, are all great additions for a striking black tie event attire ensemble. When selecting your accessories, keep in mind that the event you’re going to is classy and formal. Avoid busy patterns and loud colors. Opt for simple accents that aren’t flashy.

Black Tie Event Attire from Savvi Formalwear

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