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5 Tips Every Groom Should Know About Accessories While Planning His Wedding

Usually all the  focus is on the bride. What dress will she be wearing, how long will her train be, what type of shoes will she be wearing to what type of flowers will be in her bouquet. As men our outfits and accessories are usually not important. However when it comes to our wedding day, every detail comes into play. Here are some tips on accessories that will help you add personality and charm to the big day. but most importantly keeping you looking your best on such an important day in your life. 

Model Looking Down Wearing a Black Tuxedo

Ties versus bow ties:
Forget what you've herd, bow ties are no longer a blast from the past. They are becoming more and more popular and are great way to add spunk to any tux ensemble. Long ties are always in and great for a casual or black tie event. Its very complimentary to match with your bride, and the grooms men with brides maids. adding a pop of color to showcase your personalty is always favorable as well. 

Pocket squares:
A pocket square is great way to add color to your tux ensemble. all groomsmen can match accordingly to coordinate with the bridal party. Or you can break with tradition and add bursts of colours to highlight personal style. You can fold the squares individually or in multiple sequences to form a design. Generally pocket squares contain 1-3 to make a design. 

Just the vest:
No jacket, just the vest? this new trend has feature well in social media.  often created when the formal pictures are done by removing the jacket and showing off your vest.  vests are another accessory that allow you to experiment. picking a vest that compliments the bride is most popular for grooms, while having the groomsmen vests matching the brides maids dresses is most traditional and common.  

Cuff links, suspenders, patterned socks, oh my:

Some accessories are extra fun. Cuff links, suspenders, and socks are great ways to get the groomsmen excited about formal wear. they come in all shapes,patterns and color. these  are elements that can really individualize and personalize your look. these accents can match the bridal party, or accent the grooms favorite sports team, color, super hero, or may i even say wrestler? if your trying to add the fun factor these accessories give you countless options to explore and experiment with.

Accessories as gifts for groomsmen:

Whats better than saying thank you? taking the time to leave that thank-you on an item they can cherish until the end of time. Monogrammed flasks, pocket watches, or cuff links are all great ideas for gifts. For more casual wedding events stitched suspenders or long ties are great keep sakes with a personalized touch, or even a wonky pair of socks with initials. not only do they dress up your look, but they also a sentimental gift that's irreplaceable. 

Accessories are a great way to show case who you are, and your personal style in formal wear. Accessories are not just about the bride on your wedding day anymore.  its a chance to show your personality and your own flare. Accessories show who you are in a fun way while still keeping style forefront. These accessory tips and trends will keep the groom and his groomsmen turning heads from left to right all night.