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Trend Watch: Suits With Bow Ties

Suits are an imperative element to male formalwear. Whether you’re attending an important business meeting or a friend’s wedding, it is expected that you dress according to the formality of the event. For men, options of attire are limited to suits, and if it’s a really upscale occasion, tuxedos. There’s seemingly little room for creativity. Despite this initial impression, there are, in fact, a number of ways that you can add pizazz to an otherwise drab and routine style of dress. The best way to make a statement when wearing a suit is to accessorize. Some common suit accessories include ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips, and even jazzy socks. Many of the aforementioned accessories are traditional pieces associated with suits and add to the boring, expected look of a suit if not implemented with creativity and finesse. One of the primary ways in which many men today are opting to make their suits stand out is by pairing it with a colorful or patterned bow tie.