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Rules of Manhood: Have a Formal Suit on Standby

Man Code 165: Thou shall not go without a quality suit and a sharp tuxedo! For goodness sake, these items are must-haves in every man's wardrobe. Even if you don't attend many formal events or have a business professional job, you should have at least one good suit to show off your suave side when necessary. 

You'll want your suit to last a long time, so stick with something that fits your body type. This is one of the most important Man Codes of them all. With a quality suit or tuxedo, you won't have to worry if one sleeve is longer than the other or if your shoulder width is not proportionate with your waist. Trust your specialist to measure you and suggest the perfect fit. Then invest in a modern suit that is sharp and built to last. 

And if you're daring, display your charming personality by selecting unique fabric, cuts, and accessories. If you have no clue where to start, call your local Savvi Formalwear, and tell them you don't want to be a man code offender anymore. You'll thank us later. 

Heather Grey Allure by Allure Men