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Why Your Groom’s Wedding Fashion Is a Priority

When the wedding planning begins, it’s natural the focus will be on the bride and her wedding dress – Countless TV shows are dedicated to a bride finding her perfect dress, and you’ll find plenty of social media posts dedicated to dress fittings. Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, but it’s important to think about your groom, too. You want to look your best for your big day … and so does your husband-to -be! [More]

Picture Perfect Engagement Photo Tips

What better way to let your friends and family (and social followers) know that you’re tying the knot than with engagement photos? Engagement photos are not only fun to take, but also something you and your future husband will cherish forever. [More]

Wedding Vendor Checklist for the Organized Bride

There’s no doubt that wedding planning takes up a lot of time, energy and resources. And your head might be spinning a little bit … Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s normal to want everything from the centerpieces to the cake to be absolutely perfect. [More]

6 Unique Ways to "Propose" to Your Bridal Party

The initial engagement excitement and celebrations are starting to sink in, and that means wedding planning is in full swing! One of the more light-hearted wedding planning “tasks” is asking your closest friends and family members to stand behind you on your big day in your bridal party. [More]

Giving Thanks For These Thanksgiving Suit Tips

The leaves are changing, the air is cooling down, and it’s time for your bright linen suit styles to get tucked back away into the closet until next year. It is finally autumn, argued by many as the most versatile season to style in. Typically known to bring out the natural browns, olives, oranges, yellows and golds of the environment, it is usually advised to have your suit follow suit. However, in recent years with fashion advancing the way it has been, it isn’t as frowned upon to mix up the color pallete a bit. We’ll touch on a few classic Thanksgiving suit styles and tips, as well as dive into a couple experimental trends. [More]